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Название: Headshots
Исполнитель: Suzanne Vega
Альбом: Nine Objects Of Desire
Год: 1996
Язык: Английский

    The sign said "Headshots" And that was all, A picture of a boy And a number you could call, Two eyes in the shade A mouth so sad and small, It's strange the way a shadow Can fall across the wall, And make the difference In what you see Ah... He's just a poster, but He's everywhere, A face under a street lamp Ripped and hanging in the air, Turn the corner And he's still there, Watching all the people Who are passing unaware, Is there a judgement In what he sees? Ah... On a day As cold And gray As today... The sign says "Headshots" It's all I see, A boy becomes a picture Of guilt and sympathy, And so I think of you In memory Of the days we were together, And I knew that you loved me That was the difference In what we see, But that's history... Ah.

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