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Название: Calypso
Исполнитель: Suzanne Vega
Альбом: Solitude
Год: 1987
Язык: Английский

    My name is Calypso And I have lived alone I live on an island And I waken to the dawn A long time ago I watched him struggle with the sea I knew that he was drowning And I brought him into me Now today Come morning light He sails away After one last night I let him go. My name is Calypso My garden overflows Thick and wild and hidden Is the sweetness there that grows My hair it blows long As I sing into the wind My name is Calypso And I have lived alone I live on an island I tell of nights Where I could taste the salt on his skin Salt of the waves And of tears And though he,pulled away I kept him here for years I let him go My name is Calypso I have let him go In the dawn he sails away To be gone forever more And the waves will take him in again But he'll know their ways now I will stand upon the shore With a clean heart And my song in the wind The sand will sting my feet And the sky will burn It's a lonely time ahead I do not ask him to return I let him go I let him go

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