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Название: Some Journey
Исполнитель: Suzanne Vega
Альбом: Suzanne Vega
Год: 1985
Язык: Английский

    If I had met you on some journey Where would we be now If we had met some eastbound train Through some black sleeping town Would you have worn your silken robes All made of royal blue? Would I have dressed in smoke and fire For you to see through? If we had met in a darkened room Where people do not stay But shadows touch and pass right through And never see the day Would you have taken me upstairs And turned the lamplight low? Would I have shown my secret self And disappeared like the snow? Oh, I could have played your little girl Or I could have played your wife I could have played your mistress Running danger down through you life I could have played your lady fair All dressed in lace like the foam from the sea I could have been your woman of the road As long as you did not come back home to me But as it is, we live in the city And everything stays in place Instead we meet on the open sidewalk And it's well I know your face We talk and talk, we tell the truth There are no shadows here But when I look into your eyes I wonder what might have been here Because if I had met you on some journey Where would we be now?

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