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Название: Neighborhood Girls
Исполнитель: Suzanne Vega
Альбом: Suzanne Vega
Год: 1985
Язык: Английский
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    "We had our Neighborhood girl, she Used to hang out, in front of McKinsey's Bar, and we were Interested in her, and her Clientele... We just wonder where she's gone..." "Oh she's gone?" "Yes, she's gone, gone, gone." "I think you know your Neighborhood girl, she Lives on my street, now, with Eyes of ice I've seen her in the morning, when she is Walking in the sun And I always thought that she Looked kind of nice She spoke to me once At a party, I think And I thought at the time That she had had too much to drink, because she Said to me, `There's a backbone gone And I've got to get it back Before going on...' And your neighborhood girl Seems to have resigned She was looking out at people From the back of her mind And before she went off She spoke to me again She came up and said `You have the eyes of a friend And there's a razor's edge That I have lost somewhere And I would like it back So if you've seen it anywhere... I've been out for a while But I'll be back in a bit I am just walking through the smoke Finding out if this is it Because I've got this feeling That things are going grey And I'd like to hear a straight line To help me find my way...' I looked at her And I did not know waht to say. She had long black hair." "Must be a different Neighborhood girl, cause Ours had blonde hair, in front of McKinsey's Bar And we were interested in her And her Clientele... We just wonder where she's gone..." "Oh she's gone?" "Yes, she's gone, gone, gone."

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