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Название: Mancunian Way
Исполнитель: Take That
Альбом: Beautiful World
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский

    We used to walk Mancunian Way We used to swagger we used to sway Up until the lights took us away Do you know what you meant to me? We used to think we were the bomb Then someone left a real one We stayed indoors as the rain come Back then it made no sense to me I'm missing you face, your beautiful face It's funny that I reall they gave us the keys to the cit, but they don't fit anything But I'm coming away. I hear you calling I came back running Forgot that feeling Been so log coming They tried to stop her She just got stronger I'm driving home again Back down Mancunian Way I just forgot how it is to feel To dance and move and keep it real Been lying down fot ten long years But I was there and it feels like yesterday I'm missing you face, your beautiful face It's funny that I recall you came when I was pretty, but that don't work no more But I'm coming anyway. Now I stand here in front of you I know now what I'm gonna do My shoulders low, but my head is high I'm gonna bring this town alive Through this acidic rain I'm gonna come back to life again.

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