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Название: Touching The Absolute
Исполнитель: Textures
Альбом: Drawing Circles
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский

    Genetic code broken Alpha and omega Mathematical approach Where does the end begin? Code of life cycle I am breathing Swallow sins like the wind Breathes yours Attraction, reaction, the pace is fast Fast enough to cross the fine line Of what's there to understand Cruel but righteous, incomprehensible The everlasting search for answers Momentum, the greatest symphony ever written Unsurpassed sculpture of breathtaking beauty Source of extreme fear, pain and passion Undeniable mastership Mother nature Womb of all, tomb of all Paragon landscape, grim parricidal entities Relegation of a species, degradation of a precious gift Our destiny is just a futile part of the master plan Surely there'll be a revelation Surely a new awareness will form Lack of intervention will cause failing all the same Time for change Do any of us realize The perspective of our lives ahead ? Huge distances to overcome Not aware of all the answers to let go Just let go Shedding this skin A shadow remains To be reborn again Out of the ashes Stretching out to cover the world Denying gravity Applying cavity It makes no difference at all To slide between the rocks of time To imagine the snake you were To live in the perfect storm And remember who you were

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