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Название: The Sun's Architect
Исполнитель: Textures
Альбом: Silhouettes
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    I’ve met my past And my shadow just followed me home He screamed at the sun The piercing light would undo him True wanderer Only thrive when you’re inside Behold the transformation I’ve struck a nerve here I’m caught adrift on a lonely breeze Unable to swim ashore Boundless thoughts will carry you Daylight glints through every seem And paints upon my skin Sunburn – burn me Between the lifeless and senseless Between these gray mountain peaks Beneath the frozen ground I’m lost Contract so seclusion From sigh to storm I’m born again Walking backwards Towards my sins Black hole brother Catch me Whisper away These rivers of doubt I’m kept awake by sound Of mumbling mouths Speaking of the true you And landscapes, scarred and ravaged Shiver, scare away the crows Burn away the sun Burn away the center Burn away the sun The dusk is near My eyes paint black lines Upon the horizon A grim sight While needles of light Pierce the face that lies face down I try to stand up And face my shadow But he’s hidden By the light I try to stand up And face myself But I’m hidden In the shadow

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