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Название: Laments Of An Icarus
Исполнитель: Textures
Альбом: Silhouettes
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    Now it’s always been a riddle Misanthrope, you always pursued a valid reason You know, to be wrong with a reason – You are what you are But your ever present subliminal self bends the black – You sleep so tight but dreamless – Facing forward – Dawn’s edge, the supplement to destiny’s ender You smother all the words you have never said, with a mouth filled with empathy Words can be an enemy – you can never say you’re sorry ‘cause you’re a pretender Unpretend – Fall from grace – unconcealed – Just a phase – Summer’s bruise – Turn a wrench Bottled thoughts – Blind eye stare – Look out of the window You stare in the face of a widow – Drink up, like a lover – You recreate all that’s over The turn of the tide – You’re used up – Just take it like a man, All you must do is confess The truth is a knife – You are but one – One Straight answer What is it? Sculpture of an obsession – A sound so profound it sings you back to hell – The system’s architecture frames the antidote’s gift – Winter – summer cycle moves erratic, follow me Aphrodite Faithless – The one broken – The one who can bend a spoon with his will – Bow down – Here’s my antidote Priceless honest reaction (come on, come on) Take it, take it, more Just another day in the rain, and a sure shot inside the game – Walk the dead man directly to his grave Without mourning, without nothing – Be the same Divide by numbers, all uncovered Narrowed down from three to none my brother And the nearest beacon cries “I’m sober” But the truth remain unspoken Cynic without anger And a lover without passion And a fighter with a complex Worship your own cancer And a lesson without meaning It a lesson for the feeble Branded by all-in-one frights Antagonist, become my downfall I’m just a man and I can’t grasp it all

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