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Название: Storm Warning
Исполнитель: Textures
Альбом: Silhouettes
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    In pain there's a lesson - In blood there's a slithering form traveling Through the veins, Through the body, amending - Burnt skin and broken bones Don't deny it: we're all snakes at first, and then we change again We are the strangers of today - Reach out, forever in the dark In pain there's a moment in blood there's a final story written So the better you make me I'm less man and more machine Engaged in guessing, I'm lost for words - I'm never gone Reach out for the serpent - Washing the dirt of ages away Reach out for the serpent Ask yourself: is this worth a reversed evolution? We're acting like a tidal wave, crushing all that oppose us - Higher Face the final legendary terminal new world disorder Pain has hypnotizing voice and it calls your name - Higher So you want steady, you're gonna get steady So you want unsteady, you're gonna get unsteady Look away - Eyes turn black - it's raining now It's angry now, clawing its way out And then i shove the sun onto the light - The silence comes My freedom comes from inside - Tension relieved And i save myself from you - Rescue me now And you'll find your way back home, to find what you look for Nothing, I said nothing - I guess I've always been stuck on the wrong side Snakehead, you can't see me - Wherever i go, you go along Break it, I said break it - Destruction will bring something new to the spectrum Poison, suck the poison - wherever you go, I go along

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