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Название: Bare
Исполнитель: The Cure
Альбом: Wild Mood Swings
Год: 1996
Язык: Английский

    If you've got something left to say You'd better say it now Anything but "stay" Just say it now We know we've reached the end We just don't know how "well at least we'll still be friends" Yeah one last useless vow... "there are different ways to live" Yeah I know that stuff "other ways to give" Yeah all that stuff But holding onto used to be Is not enough Memory's not life And it's not love We should let it all go It never stays the same So why does it hurt me like this When you say that I.ve changed? When you say that I.ve aged? Say I.m afraid... And all the tears you cry They're not tears for me Regrets about your life They're not regrets for me It never turns out how you want Why can't you see? It all just slips away It always slips away Eventually... So if you've got nothing left to say Just say goodbye Turn your face away And say goodbye You know we've reached the end You just don't know why And you know we can't pretend After all this time So just let it all go Nothing ever stays the same So why does it hurt me like this To say that I.ve changed? To say that I.ve aged? Say I.m afraid... But there are long long nights when I lay awake And I think of what I.ve done Of how I.ve thrown my sweetest dreams away And what I.ve really become And however hard I try I will always feel regret However hard I try I will never forget I will never forget

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