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Название: So What
Исполнитель: The Cure
Альбом: Three Imaginary Boys
Год: 1979
Язык: Английский

    Cake icing and decorating set Special offer Only 3 pound 30 Save 1 pound 52 on recommended retail price Give your cakes and pies a professional look With this superb Decorating set I'm not meant to be here But so what? And nobody's Nobody's taken your place Nobody's taken your place Each set includes A turntable A nine inch icing bag With six high definition nozzles and adaptor With a fifteen inch food decorating bag With three piping nozzles Please send off this leaflet Post it today And if you knew Nothing could replace you If you were sane Your heart wouldn't ache But so what? So what? So what? Order now Allow twenty one days For deliver This offer closes 31st December 1979 British sugar bureau When I told you what I And I And I wouldn't ask you to pretend That we were one And still another time Forget all the lies forgive me the wounds And all the world was used to love And yes we'd still be happy in another time But so what? So what? So please send me icing and decorating sets I enclose a cheque and postal order number So what? So what?

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