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Название: Did You Ever Want To Cry
Исполнитель: The Mamas And The Papas
Альбом: Deliver
Год: 1967
Язык: Английский

    Did you ever want to cry, But you didn't know just why? Did you ever sit up all night long Just listening to that same old song - The one they played when she said nothin' could go wrong? Right, I know you did; oh, you kid - Did you really think that she'd be true? Wasn't that rather naive of you? And now she's dropped you like a worn-out shoe. She's got you drinking gin, And you know that's a sin. You go honky-tonkin' every night; You get drunk and then you start a fight. I know that you think that it's alright - Wrong, it's not the way to live; you only get what you give! You can live your life just as you please, But, when you lie with dogs, you gotta get fleas. And now she's brought you down to your knees. Arms that used to hold you tight - You miss them in the middle of night. You burned a candle at both ends; Now it's too late...too late to make amends. You've even lost your old time friends... Enemies glad to see you down; People, they don't want you hangin' round. Did you ever want to cry, But you didn't know just why? Right, I know you did. Wrong, it's not the way to live. Did you ever want to cry...

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