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Название: Midnight Voyage
Исполнитель: The Mamas And The Papas
Альбом: The Mamas And The Papas
Год: 1968
Язык: Английский

    On a midnight voyage, One that has no ending; And it's sending me The things that I need. Far away from shore (how far?) Further than I've been before; But I feel the strength of the new sea. (Of a midnight voyage for just what you need...) Dreams come and go, And I sift through them. Love (love) starts to grow From the thoughts that I find within them. On a midnight voyage, Searching for my pleasure; Reaching with my mind for something I've dreamed. (Reaching with your mind for something you've dreamed) Loves come and go And I dream through them; Dreams (dreams) start to flow From the love that I find within them. On a midnight voyage, One that has no ending; And it's sending me Right into my mind. On... [Spoken:] "Uh, turn back to the earphones. Could you turn off the earphones, please?" "Turn the television set down, please." "And turn the air conditioning off." "And walk around the block twice." "Three..." On... [Spoken:] "Your late coming in." "I was...right with you." "Sorry, my mistake." "Two, three, four..." Five...alright? One, two, three..." On a midnight voyage... [Spoken:] "You've got it." "You like that Lou?" Come on, let's take a midnight voyage; Let me take you on a little trip. Come on, come on, Woah, come on... Would you dare to take a little journey? All aboard; all ashore. At your leisure take a pleasure trip. I'm sure; you're sure. Everybody needs a pleasure trip, My friend, my friend...

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