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Название: Do
Исполнитель: The White Stripes
Альбом: The White Stripes
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    Well somebody walked up to me but i didn't know what to do and then somebody said hello to me but i didn't know what to do because i think that my words could get twisted so i bend my back over take a gulp be funny cause i know there's nothing i can do Then my mother tried to pick me up when i was sittin' down on the ground something forced my little eyes come open but i couldn't make out the sound it doesn't matter cause my eyes are lying and they don't have emotion don't wanna be social, can't take it when they hate me but i know there's nothing i can do When my thoughts start to feel like mine they're taken from me it seems to happen all the time (every time) and the feelings that are fine for you there's somebody there who doesn't think they are true so think of something new there's nothing left to do And then my idols walk next to me i look up at them they fade away it's a destruction of a mystery the more i listen to what they say so does that mean that there's no more doin' and there's no more thinkin' and there's no more feeling cause there's no right opinion so can you tell me what i'm supposed to do

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