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Название: Apparition No
Исполнитель: Thea Gilmore
Альбом: Rules For Jokers
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский

    Hey now my red clouds're rolling in To catalogue and number every stone cold dream And I've seen Sal thumbing his way up to the stars I've seen angels in the shooting galleries And heroes in the bars I've seen a death warrant out on the moon I saw what happened when the prophet spoke too soon And I heard the radio sneeze into the evening And all the bat-squeak singers selling fake hope to the sleeping I've seen the cover up of cold hard facts Burning acid holes in the magazine racks I saw Jenny have a baby in the street Where they're playing blind mans bluff between the dying and the concrete I've seen a paper corpse holing up a doorway I heard the lonely voices singing “yeah I did it your way” And I held the future up to a looking glass It bears a striking resemblance To the embers of the past I've seen the chorus-girls the ribbon and the rot Seen electoral debates on the glass-rim of a whiskey shot And I caught the glimmer in a hurricanes eye I’ve seen these AK-47's with their noses to the sky I smelled the ghosts of the ashes and the orchids I've got promises tattooed on the insides of my eyelids And I'll be watching when the Richter reaches 10 I bled by these weapons babe and now I'm one of them

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