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Название: Seen It All Before
Исполнитель: Thea Gilmore
Альбом: Rules For Jokers
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский

    Kerosene Kathy is bringing in the mail Its a 50/50 choice Pass go or go to jail You can see her with her matches on the pavement in the rain Glowing by the light of this southbound train She's shouting good Christian soldiers stamp their ration book with failure And twinkle little Stalin's hung his hat up on my nail you're Gonna wish you had of fought When your last breath comes Cos we never want for nothing 'cept a little freedom And I've seen it all before And I've seen it all before Well they brought me to the bars when I was fourteen A sexy little girl and a seedy little magazine The painted out my life On a page of black and white Cos there's no call for justice when you're dealing in spite And I landed on a tightrope on the hookline of a dare A little ragged at the edges but not beyond repair With a hole in every pocket and half a bag of tricks But it was nothing that a tenner and a bullet couldn't fix And I've seen it all before And my money is on anger They say the form is good They say the odds are stacked And this side of Birmingham's a good place to be When they finally light the match And I've seen it all before Just wait till they see me out on the front page Just wait till they remember how they stroked this rage Shining like a penny in the back slum gutter Like a single note sonata in the train conductors stutter Make sure they get to see me when I'm hanging from the ceiling Get each detail of exactly how they're feeling Cos Five have got the rights to the docu-soap shows They'll buy the truth off with some donuts and a sweet red rose And I've seen it all before

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