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Название: Movie Kisses
Исполнитель: Thea Gilmore
Альбом: Rules For Jokers
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский

    Tell me Are you really leaving? I fell so far I'm almost on the ceiling You said I've got a way with words I'm not so sure But baby I know I got away with murder So then Here we are full circle And I'm tired Of the romantic hard-sell You know those sentimental lines are where we went wrong Cos all those movie kisses just last too long. So lets push the curtains back Lets give this love a heart attack. Now babe Get out your theory And we can Explain away the mystery Cos you painted me in chromakey blue and kept me thin So I would disappear when you put your landscape in Guess I had my red shoes on So strike a match and lets move on Here it is The not-so-happy-ending We've done Our picket fence defending We did Bogart and Bacall and now the spotlight's gone and anyway All those movie kisses just last too long yeah All those movie kisses just last to long and All those movie kisses just last too long

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