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Название: What Cha Talkin' 'bout
Исполнитель: Timbaland
Альбом: Tim's Bio
Год: 1998
Язык: Английский

    [intro] (what cha talkin' 'bout? ) Repeat above throughout intro [lil' man] uh oh Ha ha, what? Uh oh, what? [timb] told y'all [lil' man] what? [timb] told y'all [lil' man] what? check it out [lil' man] I'm the lil' man, join with the timbaland People walkin' around sayin' to theyself damn! People can't realize who the fuck who I am I'm like the vcr tech they call bad People don't know what they gonna see next They might see timbaland with funkmaster flex Or doin' a duet with the group called beck Or back in the studio gettin', gettin' sex [timb] I'm the ill nigga that loves chips ahoy [lil' man] timbaland where you at? [timb] Here I go boy, I got yo' back with a tec 9 You see them niggas creepin', what? I thought you knew, I told you so Never, ever step over my toe (nah nah) I got that nigga (what what) >from the v, static, where you at? [static] Here I go, if ya pearlin' in a 'lac, then turn that shit up If ya chillin' at the club, then tear the party up And if you got shove, let it bump bump Not speakin' for yo' cheddah, but I keep mine in lumps Nigga, my momma taught me that, can't sneak me from the back So I found her chasing cheese, so I watch for dirty rats See I'm wise like the guys, and smart like the streets See I be rollin' blunts while timb' be makin' them beats, timbaland [lil' man & timbaland] 1 - what cha talkin' 'bout? What you sayin' to me? Why you staring at me? Let's have a party, b What cha talkin' 'bout? What you sayin' to me? Why you staring at me? Let's have a party, b Repeat 1 [lil' man] Play that guitar, man, eh, and damn! That shit is tight like a bowl of crisps Listen to the words that I spit, makin' ya sick It's the lil' man puttin' it down Got all my females flashin' around It's that little voice that's makin' ya tickle Come on timbaland, and gimme some of that liquor [timb] Are you drunk? (yes, I'm drunk) Are you pump? (yes, I'm pump) Do you wanna see the party get chrump? (yes, I pump) This ain't nuthin' but a party (say what? ) After the party (where ya goin'? ) Hearty, I gotta make my way back to the crib I forgot I was on probation (yeah that shit is real) But ain't nuthin' gon' happen to me Magoo, finish it baby [magoo] Ha ha, yeah One more again from va Yes, your southern representative Keep two tecs in my lex, cuz I'm sensitive All my competition stop wishin' for my demise Cuz I'm hard like my dick, we'll ever be on the rise Get between some thighs, and fuck until I'm stuck Order the main course, four bitches, I'm serving duck How da fuck you payin' a bitch just to fuck? If a bitch want money for me, pray for luck Only thing I love is weed and big cash If yo' ass ain't a check, nigga kiss my ass Leavin' freaky bitches in stitches, cuz hoe's be envious Me and timbaland still friends and will continuous Oh, what a web we weave When I achieved to fuck the baddest bitch you niggaz them ever seen Possible, if you got game they blaze a zing Pockets of rubbers, bitches go rump with just my name Repeat 1 Repeat 1 [timb] This is how we do it We make it ride on through Like liquid fluid This is how we do We make it ride on through Like liquid fluid, what? Me and my posse I know you hear you little airplanes flyin' around Yeah, have a couple people lookin' forward to this Now we gotta be out For the '98 Repeat 1

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