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Название: Foreign Affair
Исполнитель: Tina Turner
Альбом: Foreign Affair
Год: 1989
Язык: Английский

    A one in a million chance You know the moment that you cross over the line A casual glance No one has to read between the lines In the south of france it was springtime Special feelings come alive There's romance in the air so they say Love could be a small cafe away Love is a piece of cake And making love is all there is to eat It's a heart out of a limb When yoy start to feel forever in a kiss But you must remember there's no point of refuge You only have a part in a lover's play And you could be the one left in the dark If someone takes a shortcut to your heart All too soon you're touching for the last time No one has to tell you how it is It's just a memory two people share File it under foreign affair

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