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Название: Not Enough Romance
Исполнитель: Tina Turner
Альбом: Foreign Affair
Год: 1989
Язык: Английский

    Should've never made eye contact Should've been a heart of stone When you stopped me to say 'hello' Would've been twice as easy To just say 'no' Cause I don't wanna lose at love again But as a couple we were quite handsome And the moon was out that night So we let our hearts go dancing If that thing is missing in my life Chorus There's not enough romance in this world There's not enough romance in this world There's too many people thinking only of themselves You gotta give love for it's return Wanna sing about new lovers Stand up against the odds Nothing can change a thing that strong And myself I know my emotions I got my love to share And when you need something so tender What you're looking for is so rare Chorus There's not enough romance in this world There's not enough romance in this world You gotta believe in what your heart tells you is right And I'm here to say that I believe in love We take a lot of chances playing some foolish games But that's the only price that you gotta pay We gotta keep believing hungry hearts run free Everybody needs a good loving It's anything you want it to be

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