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Название: Letter from the space
Исполнитель: Tinavie
Альбом: Tinavie
Язык: Английский

    Letter from the space appeared to me With shiny stars and cold moon From another planet that’s so far from me Maybe it's just a dream, I saw it when I was asleep If you don't believe in me I can do nothing Because if you don't complete part of me I can't be free. I understood That nobody told us how to see it, But every night I look out of the window And I am trying to send you messages Many little letters I read it. I knew that I saw it I read it. I knew that I saw it I read it. I knew that I saw it If I’m blue I will try To lighten my flight Between the stars Between the cosmic lines I'll never ask you about this Maybe it's my trouble who knows But I like it so much This is my world and it's beautiful for me

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