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Название: Marianne
Исполнитель: Tori Amos
Альбом: Boys For Pele
Год: 1996
Язык: Английский

    Tuna Rubber, A little blubber in my igloo. And I knew you, pigtails and all. Girls when they fall. And they said marianne killed herself. And I said, not a chance, Not a chance. Don't you love the girls, ladies, babes, Old bags who say she was so pretty. Why, why, why, why did she crawl down in the old Deep ravine? C'mon, pigtail firls and all those sailors. Get your bads and hold down. Won't you just hold down. Cause ed, ed is watching my every sound. I said, They're watching my every sound. The weasel squeaks fasters than a seven day week. I said timmy and that purple monkey Are all down. At bobby's house. Making themselves pesters and lesters and jester and my Traitors of kind. And I'm just having thoughts, I said, I'm just having thoughts. Having thoughts Having thoughts of marianne. She could outrun the fastest slug. She could. Having thoughts of marianne, Quickest girl in the frying pan. Thoughts of marianne.

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