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Название: Seduction
Исполнитель: Usher
Альбом: Confessions
Год: 2004
Язык: Английский

    Sexy Sexy Sexy OoOoOoO [Women] (sexy sexy sexy) voluptuous I love your confidence When you got it You got it Seduce me baby Seduce me Just to get my attention Send a note and a drink When we made eye connection She just knodded and winked On this note it says: "Bout' time we get together Lets dance now Hook up later We can do whatever" She had Confidence But it's all part of the game Cos' to her who im with Don't really mean a thing She knew just what I like And now I'm thirsty for more Seduction [Chorus] Sensual, sexy, erotic How you workin' your body You gon' get me Do It Do It to ya Seduction You thought out your best To get me outa control, baby The more I creep around with you Make me wanna get Down (down) Down (down) Down with ya You got my attention What you gon' do with it? Baby turn around Stick it out I wanna see it She made the first move smooth Intoxicatin' She crazy Im fightin' not to lose control Now I'm feeling a little tension Don't know whose watchin' GETTIN' BIG In too deep And I can't stop it (Your making me) Your making it HARD for me to stay HARD to walk away HARD don't wanna play no more HARD I can't take it baby Seduction [Chorus] Baby whatever you want Girl you got it Long as your satisfied Cos' it's so hard to resist Oh your body Got me on fire Got vivid thoughts in my mind The positions that I'm gunna try But is it worth all the hurt Should I risk it? Just for one night Once I give it She's gunna win Either way I lose But I gotta have you I'm tryin' to chill But she's got me on the spot She's so cocky And the way she watchin' me Got me feelin' hott, uh Shorty know that I gotta girl And I really can't break the rules Plus poparatzi snappin shots And it's hard for me to shake these fools So do I One: put it on her Work my way to the front Do I Two: Do my part And sure don't try to pull no stunts Or maybe Three: Chase the cat Cos' she's sending me on the hunt Naw Bump that I aint no punk Im gunna give shorty what she want! Seduction [Chorus] [Repeat 3x]

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