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Название: Big Ideas Grand Vision
Исполнитель: Vacuum
Альбом: Seance At The Chaebol
Год: 1998
Язык: Английский

    Big ideas grand vision Big ideas grand vision Visions of the grandeur Grandeur of the past Touch me at the bottom of my heart Visions of the future Tunnels built to last Born to be creator Grand has gone to greater Rock the constitution Room is for the rage Every generation goes to war Rise to the occasion Grow a golden age Born to be creator Grand has gone to greater. Seance at the Chaebol. Asia's rapid economic advancement will outpace the rest of the world's growth, making Asia a more formidable influence in the global economy. Experienced managers agree, that the human element is the single most important factor for business success. Still the business community hasn't yet developed a means of fully capitalizing on individual capacity. Walk across the border Cities of the night Wide awake we Hail the rising sun Houses of the holy Tunnels to the light Born to be creator Grand has gone to greater

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