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Название: Pride in My Religion
Исполнитель: Vacuum
Альбом: The Plutonium Cathedral
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    I've been searching for the truth behind What the prophets have sealed So exotic every faith I found And beyond my ordeal There's a very attractive appeal I've been deep inside the human mind Living under a ban We've all come to know as space and time No more top of the clan I resign and accept Who I am I take pride in my religion today I take pride in how I'm leading my way I take pride in my religion today Like diamonds found On sacred ground This is where I belong Built my life on ideology Get the principles right Turned myself into a parody I behaved so uptight Nothing sacred to harbour in sight What's the point with our society With supply and demand When the product left is misery No more top of the clan I resign and accept who I am End of journey Here's my fate complete No more top of the clan, I resign and accept who I am

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