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Название: Bliss
Исполнитель: Vanessa Paradis
Альбом: Bliss
Год: 2000
Язык: Английский

    Dear smoky room Stardust in the eyes Anything will rise Our bellys bloomed Sunset red fly toes Haunted mind Where I go there it goes Your soul within mine I'm a book in my dreams See what I love you means [Refrain:] Far from the ground Below the sky No way around Is where we hide Between the sound Before the light My love and I live in never to be found The music plays Greatest overtimes Candles burned down For paper planes Nothing is everything Details too You're the thrills for my wings I'm flying for you I'm a book in my dreams See how I love You feels [Refrain] J'ai fini d'me chercher Falling into your nest Depuis qu'j't'ai trouvé I call it bliss La meilleure personne en moi For the best and less and the rest Au fond c'est toujours toi Nothing is quite like it use to be Mon âme, mon amour, ma foi Deep down inside of me Les anges se passeront de toi I'm done searching for myself Reste encore au creux de moi Since you're flowing in my vains Cinq minutes jusqu'à l'infini [Refrain]

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