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Название: Why I Hate Drugs
Исполнитель: White Town
Альбом: Peek And Poke
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    You're living life fucked-up every single day And now I can't remember the last time you were straight You're a joke but no-one's laughing any more You're the face that closes every open door I'm telling you, you've got to change I saw your boyfriend he never wants to see you again And the sunglasses didn't fool his friends You had a good thing there The best it's ever been But your new, hip friends didn't think he fitted in I'm telling you, you've got to change I don't mind you stealing money from my house I've known you far too long for that to matter now But I will not take the lies and disrespect With all the things you've given What you gonna get? I'm telling you, you've got to change

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