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Название: She Left For Paris
Исполнитель: White Town
Альбом: Peek And Poke
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    I was only searching for you We didn't have much time Then I saw you blind to everything But the beautiful grime You showed me landmarks, famous statues And all the time I could see With every café and tiny bookshop You were further from me It's all my fault I should have known I should hove seen She'd fall In love But with the city Not with me I'm in the station The train is waiting Will you leave with me? There's a commotion A woman running But you're nowhere to be seen So don't take your Love to Paris Unless you're sure of her heart It's all a question Of understanding The city may rip you apart It's all my fault I should have known I should have seen She'd fall in love But with the city Not with me

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