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Название: Just Cruisin'
Исполнитель: Will Smith
Альбом: Big Willie Style
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    Intro The maestro Nice flow Hot like nitro Cool as ice though That type of docodimy Y'all know it's gotta be Who else could it be but me Rub your eyes but hold the big billy It's dream supreme bean straight from philly It's the eclectic female attractor rapper slash actor Right back at ya And to the next millinium many come but few are chosen See me servin' like the u.s. open Another type of hustler listed at blockbuster Go and ak a movie usher Who is he He or she Sfp, movies cd's, and tv's, but uh uh 'cause the day I take a break from that As I rule where a tank of gas take me at I used to rock these Red, I rock z's Now I rock the mb's With twelves and v's Today sun up high In the sky From ny La la me to mi (1) Just cruisin' Where, baby, I don't care Just cruisin' As long as you take me there Just cruisin' Somewhere to clear my mind Just cruisin' Just cruisin' Easy wrote a sixty Flossin' ninety degrees Sony cartridges, ten cd's each Reach to the beach South side leanin' It ain't often I'm off and I'm for the top down Drop down Got me hot now heated up can't stop now What up cutie what sure sure is cooking now Yo I know I'm spoken for can't hurt lookin' no Pop cd's, b-i-g's, and tupac's While cruisin' on the blocks Hittin' the hot spots Got my celly on o-f-f Golden arches got my belly goin' oh yes yes So let's just ease on down ease on down the road No pager roll my hip As I rollin' my whip 'cause today I'm on the solo creek Man, why you think I be workin' all week I'm (1, 1) Sun settin' in the s-k-y Must say I've had the best day i Tryin' to find an exit A place to chill not to hectic So I can spend some time with will Let the sun shine to the moonlight clearin' my mind Soul search, see what I find If I'm being the best lover and friend Am I being the best daddy I can I pray I am And I feel good today Reminiece as I'm cruisin' around the way Roll tight passed the park where I used to play Can't think of a better way to spend my day Uh, still findin' my way Still growin' Petrol rowin' Move soon showin' Gots to get goin' losing the light And the freaks come out at night

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