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Название: Y'all Know
Исполнитель: Will Smith
Альбом: Big Willie Style
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    Observe the high roller Mic controller Number one hip hop son Call me solar Why cause I shine Praise the big willie i'm Raised in philly i Daze and thrillin' ya Don't be silly ya can't see me Again I'm killin ya on mtv Just get with it my friend damn another award Dat kid done did it again oh my lord Da fantastic Boombastic Gettin' ten times hotter than any you other cats get Practice You lack this I'm the real mccoy First with jeff I was startin Then with martin I'm a badboy See more green than david bent More juice than tropicana You hawkin me like atlanta Mc's just flee they rightfully concerned Big will wants the mic back it's my turn ta burn Verse 2 I'm back attackin the mic Hype like a viking Strikin like a python Blaze like jon A hip hop icon mc radical Back on track from my rap/act sabatacle Nine point six on the richter Kicked her hands so slickta Chicks quickta flip tha Bright glance and the tight pants For the slight chance big willie can we get one dance Why yes you may an' I'm just sayin That dress you playin is a okay an This is your chance for at least it could be For you an you girlfriend on the dancefloor menege boogie On the scene I fronts an dashin fashion Lost my cream once now I'm stashin cashin Countries and currencies like a true don It's a new time and this time watch me shine The way y'all blaze through the days and nights How I deal with the craze my momma raised me right Whether I'm on stage or in the studio booth 100 proof raisin the roof raisin the roof Chorus Y'all know can't nobody rock a crowd like me He know can't nobody make it bounce like me She know can't nobody get it hot like me Y'all know y'all need ta stop cause ya can't see me Verse 3 Seven continents I bruise all cruise Adidas kilts or bamboos and no shoes Eskimos to abariginies I'll test the flow of the world's mc's I'll hit you out the ball park You just all talk Don't be lookin at my script you can't play my part See I'm a rapper thats an actor You act rap with no heart The way that I compose those flows like mozart Gets somthin like a symphony when I'm orchestratin' em Ever since the days of me an jeff at the paladium All my life I've been the cream of the crop Shoppin a dream now I got a crop full of cream I raise mics for the flow of it you know the show of it Not the benz 600 four door of it keep it real yo I'm a rhyme regardless of earnin Long as my heart keeps yearnin I gots ta keep burnin Chorus 5x

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