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Название: Gettin' Jiggy With It
Исполнитель: Will Smith
Альбом: Big Willie Style
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    On your mark ready set let's go Dance floor pro I know you know I go psycho when my new joint hit Just can't sitgotta get jiggy wit it Ooh that's itnow honey honey Come ridedkny all up in my eyeyou gotta prada bag With alotta stuff in itgive it to your friend let's spin Everybody lookin' at meglancin' the kidwishin' they was dancin' a jig Here with this handsome kidciga cigar right from cuba cubai just bite it It's for the look I don't light itillway the an may on the ance day oor flay Givin' up jiggy make it feel like foreplayyo my car yo it's infinite ha ha Big willie style's all in itgettin' jiggy wit itchorus na na na na na na na nana Na na na na nanagettin jiggy wit itrepeat 3xwhat you wanna ball with the kid Watch your step you might falltrying to do what I didmama unh mama unh i'ma come closer In the middle of the club with the rub a dub unh No love for the haters the hatersmad cause I got floor seats at the lakers See me on the fifty yard line with the raidersmet ali he told me I'm the greatest I got the fever for the flavor of a crowd pleaserdj play another From the prince of thisyour highnessonly mad chicks ride in my whips South to the west to the east to the north Bought my hits and watch 'em go off a go offah yes yes y'all and ya don't stop In the winter or the summertime I makes it hotgettin jiggy wit 'emchorus Eight fifty I s if you need a liftwho's the kid in the dropwho else will smith Livin' that life some consider a mythrock from south street to one two fifth Women used to tease megive it to me now nice and easy Since I moved up like george and wheezycream to the maximum I be askin' 'em Would you like to bounce with the brother that's platinumnever see will attackin' 'emrather play ball with shaq and Um flatten 'empsychekiddin'you thought I took a spillbut I didn't Trust the lady of my life she hittin'hit her with a drop top with the ribbon Crib for my mom on the outskirts of phillyyou trying to flex on medon't be silly Getting jiggy wit it

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