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Название: Candy
Исполнитель: Will Smith
Альбом: Big Willie Style
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    Excuse me miss can we chat for a second I'd ask how you doin' but you fine I reckon Wait do you have a man cause I aint' into home wreckin No aiight cool just checkin Look from a hundred yards you caught my eye An all my boys said I didn't have the heart to say hi I'd like to have your number you don't have ta give it now But if you diss me while they lookin I'm a never live it down Y'know what I mean aww damn my name's will Maxine pleasure to meet you look here's the deal Can I sit thanks now I don't mean to objectify But this the metaphore that crossed my mind You sweet good enough to eat Make a brother wanna tlc creep A brother can't sleep It's like a kid fallin for you So here's my own private nickname I'm a call you Chorus Candy no doubt do you wanna bounce It's the same feelin I always feel together but now Candy Let's get this started now Let's get this started now Verse 2 I ain't gonna lie to you I remember layin eyes on you All I thought about was livin life beside you boo All I wanna do is be the perfect guy to you Tell you the truth it's like candy cause I'm feelin like it's callin me You're tryin ta hold on but fallin Seem quite far ta me I stay strong but it's hard to be Cause somethin bringin out the dog in me It's like candy when I'm keepin my zone Chat on the phone I lower my tone Steady plottin on takin ya home Gettin all inside of your dome makin you moan You shoulda known it's like candy As I'm seein you here mommy I know your peepin my stare And feelin my glare brother thinkin bout unrollin the bear Strokin your hair touchin me where yeah there Chorus Verse 3 I know the deal I talked to mary jane and she said Your ex boyfriends mike and ike are both lemonheads I ain't tryin ta player hate girl I know That you go with bazooka joe Now you know he don't love you like that He tryin ta get a reeses piece of the kit kat Really hon what he need is a jawbreaker Cause I'm the one that'll love you baby now and later Be my peppermint paddy with a hundred wishes An I'll be your hershey daddy with a hundred kisses Get the twins m and m's they booked all outta flights today Me an you can starburst to the milky way I don't care what it cost girl a hundred grand We could snicker all night at my jolly ranch Just me and you I'll call your friends up too Cause I could get my friends babe ruth and charlston chew Chorus 5x

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