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Название: Friday's Child
Исполнитель: Will Young
Альбом: Friday's Child
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский

    We've been told to live our lives Just working on a feeling Waiting for the sun to shine on what We do believe in In every man I hear the cry of someone else A drowning man reaching out But no-one hears I know a man living out his life Without a reason And he says... [Chorus] Monday's got a beautiful baby And Wednesday's child can never win Little Saturday will work till he's crazy But Friday's child was born to give Now what about all the unborn people that will suffer At the hands of Mr. Right Who cares about no other I see a mother who lets her children use her up I know a father to sacrifices his wayward son I wonder What you give that someone else is needing nothing Next to nothing [Repeat Chorus]

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