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Название: Side By Side
Исполнитель: Will Young
Альбом: From Now On
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский

    Mmmm I don't know about this situation It's got me down, it's brought me to my knees If I find perfect inspiration Just set me free, I'm begging darling please I got to say This is my time I feel it's right [Chorus] Please stay with me baby Stay with me tonight I'm losing you lately I don't want to say goodbye If you wanna make it happen, maybe we can work it out You and I, you know, have to try Side by side I can't hide Sitting here, thinking what you say All those words running round my head yeah When it came, I read between the lines Many thoughts whispered in my mind I got to say This is my time I feel it's right to tell you baby [Repeat Chorus] You are my dream complete with me You are my dream complete with me Are we ever gonna last forever Are we ever gonna make it through Don't you know that it's now or never I cannot deny, I gotta be true to you [Repeat Chorus to fade]

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