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Название: Who Am I
Исполнитель: Will Young
Альбом: Keep On
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский

    Sometimes you know you push me so hard I don't know how I feel You almost make me doubt I feel at all It's not as though I always listen But there's just so much I don't hear Maybe I'll never be what you want I know that all you're asking for Is a little place in my heart But I don't find it easy to give Maybe I get a little selfish sometimes Why shouldn't I? I used to say I love you But would it make a difference this time? [Chorus] And who am I to tell you that I would never let you down That no-one else could love you half as much as I do now And who am I to tell you I'll always catch you when you fall Well I, I wouldn't be myself at all I wouldn't be myself at all, at all. I always find a reason why I didn't put you first It's not that complicated I know I really hate it when you shake your head like this ain't gonna work Maybe you'll never reap what you sow [Chorus] I didn't want to do what everybody does And hide the truth to find we never knew a thing about love Cos this is real life, real love And knowing what it comes down too It just might be enough [Chorus x2]

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