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Название: Save Yourself
Исполнитель: Will Young
Альбом: Keep On
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский

    Couldn't stand the city I had to get away Drive myself down to the coast For a couple of days Love to take you with me But I'm sure you'd never come Don't know how you stay alive Without seeing the sun Look what you've become [Chorus] Save yourself, just yourself Don't think about no-one else Save yourself, just yourself I can't help you Let them go, let them go You're gonna get through alone Save yourself, just yourself Please. Said he was a junkie Everybody got involved 'Cos they're only trying to help You would not be told Wake up every morning I try to show you what is good But on the sly you'd go and try Anything you could How's that for gratitude? [Chorus to fade]

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