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Краткий справочник по деловой переписке

Типы деловых писем


Письмо-запрос пишет потенциальный клиент. Это просьба выслать определенную информацию, каталоги, прайс-листы и т.д. Письма-запросы обычно краткие и конкретные.

Примеры писем-запросов

Dear Sirs,

Following my conversation with the representative in your London showroom, I should be glad if you would send me your new catalogue of laptops. If you can guarantee prompt delivery and can quote really competitive prices, we may be able to place an order. First class references will be supplied with the order.
Yours faithful,

Dear Sirs,

We have an enquiry for wristwatches in stainless steel case with luminous dial and unbreakable glass. Please, send us an offer quoting your best terms and discounts for cash payment. We should be grateful for an early reply.
Yours faithfully,

Dear Sirs,

We have heard from your representative, Mr. Wolf, that you are producing for export jackets in pure leather. There is a constant demand in Austria for high-class goods of this type. Sales are not high, but a good price can be obtained for fashionable design.
Will you please send us your catalogue and a pricelist with terms of payment. If it is possible, please, send us also several samples of leather used in your jackets.
We look forward to your reply.
Yours faithfully,

Dear Sirs,

We have seen your advertisement in the Metal worker Journal, and would be grateful if you would kindly send us details of your aluminum fitting.
Please quote us for the reply of the items listed on the enclosed enquiry form, giving your prices c.i.f. Southampton. Will you please also indicate delivery time, your terms of payment, and details of discounts for regular purchases and large orders.
Our annual requirements for metal fittings are considerable, and we may be able to place substantial orders with you if your prices are competitive and your deliveries are prompt. We look forward to receiving your quotation.
Yours faithfully,

Фразы и выражения

  • Your name has been given to us by the British Chamber of Commerce…
  • The British Embassy in Moscow has advised us to get in touch with you concerning…
  • We saw your products demonstrated at the Oslo Fair earlier this year, and would like to know whether…
  • Your advertisement in this month's issue of the magazine states that you can offer…
  • We would be glad to receive specifications of your new items, together with your current export price list and detail of trade discounts.
  • As we do a considerable trade in this line, we expect a keen price.
  • As we are the leading dealers in this town (area, country…)…
  • Since we have connections throughout the country…
  • In view of the fact that we are sole agents for this product…
  • We would possibly like to discuss the possibility of a contract with you.
  • We would like to know whether you would be willing to grant us a special discount.
  • As we are under contract, please let us know whether you can guarantee shipment by 13 August.

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