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Краткий справочник по деловой переписке

Типы деловых писем

Жалобы, претензии и их урегулирование

Это самый неприятный вид корреспонденции, но без него, порой, не обойтись. Это весьма деликатный вид письма, в котором должны преобладать не эмоции, а вежливость, такт, дипломатия. Суть претензий и жалоб остается, но они при помощи разных фраз и оборотов маскируются под неспешную деловую беседу. Этот "тонкий" момент общения можно освоить на практике, изучив аналогичные готовые письма и фразы.

Пример письма-заказа

Dear Sirs,
Your invoice and two parcels, supposed to contain 50 copies of 'The Great General' arrived today. On opening the parcels we found that one contained 25 copies of 'Little Women' and the other 40 copies of 'Cooking without Fat'.
We have, as you know, given 'The Great General' a special display in our front window and need the copies urgently as we have only a few left. This is the first time in all our dealings with you that any mistake has occurred and we hope you will do your utmost to remedy it. Will you please therefore on receipt of this letter dispatch the correct copies Express and make sure that they rich us to-morrow afternoon.
Yours thaithfully,

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for your letter of 10 August concerning your Order (VC 58391) which should have been supplied to you on 15Juty.
First let me apologize for the delay and for the problems you have experienced. But as you may have read in your news-papers we are faced with an industrial dispute which has involved both administrative staff and workers on the shop floor and as a consequence has held up production over the past few weeks.
However, I can tell you that the dispute has been settled and we are back to normal production. Your order has been given priority, so we should be able to deliver the engines before the end of this week.
May I point out, with respect, that your contract with us a standard clause stating that deliver dates would be met unless unforeseen circumstances arose, and we think you will agree that a dispute is an exceptional circumstance.
Once again let me say how much I regret the inconvenience this delay has caused and emphasize that it was due to factors beyond our control.
Please let us know if you wish to complete your order or whether you would prefer to make other arrangements.
I look forward to hearing from you within the next day or so.

Yours faithfully,
T. Blackbell
Managing Director

Письмо - претензия на низкое качество товара

Dear Sirs,
It is with great regret that we have to inform you that the material, delivered under Contract № … does not conform to the specification on the basis of which the contract was signed.
By separate mail we have sent you a cutting from this material and one piece from the material of the previous consignment, so that you can compare the two and see the difference.
As a result of this situation sustain heavy losses because we cannot fulfil our contractual obligations to our clients. In this situation we are prepared to retain the goods if you will reduce the price, say, by 40%.
Awaiting your early reply.
We remain faithfully yours,

Ответ на претензию

Dear Sirs,8th, June 19..
We have received your teller of 2nd June and thank you for sending us the two samples of cloth. We arc greatly concerned over your disappointment in the quality and complications which may arise in your relationship with your customers.
If you are willing to accept the goods and dispose of the inferior cloth we will send you a credit note for the difference.
We apologize sincerely for the trouble caused to you and we will lake all possible steps to ensure that such a situation will not arise again.
Yours faithfully,

Фразы и выражения

Отрывки из писем-претензий

  • We wish to place on record the company's extreme displeasure at…
  • We insist that the problems we experienced were due to your negligence, not ours.
  • We wish to emphasize that we are holding you fully responsible for non delivery of the cargo in question.
  • We have inspected the damaged machine and we submit you below a description of the damage.
  • As you probably aware we have been experiencing a considerable inconvenience due to wrong material being delivered to our customers.
  • This is the third time this mistake has occurred and we are far from satisfied with the service you offer.
  • The mistake must be corrected as soon as possible.
  • There seems to be some misunderstanding regarding terms of discount.
  • Our specialists have determined that the shipment was five boxes short.
  • We are afraid there is no room for compromise as far as this order is concerned.
  • We look forward to an early settlement of our claim for the full amount of…
  • We must point out that unless you settle the claim in full you leave us with no alternative, but to place the matter in the hands of our solicitors.
  • Please ensure that this sort of problem does not arise again.
  • We regret that unless we hear from you by return we will be obliged to cancel the order.

Предложения по урегулированию претензий

  • It is our intention to insist that the missing parts be replaced by you and shipped to us via air freight, all for your account.
  • We are prepared to accept the goods sent if you are willing to make a substantial reduction in price.
  • We would appreciate it if you would replace the defective units or arrange to credit us with their value.

Ответы на претензии

  • We are sorry to hear/learn about…
  • We were distressed to hear/learn about…
  • Thank you for your letter dated…It was with great regret that we heard…
  • We were very sorry to receive your complaint.
  • We greatly regret that you received only…
  • We acknowledge with thanks receipt of your letter dated…regarding…
  • We sincerely regret that…

Принесение извинений

  • We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.
  • We apologize sincerely for the trouble caused to you and will take all the possible steps to ensure that such a mistake is not made again/does not occur again.
  • We would like to assure you that every step will be taken to fulfill our contracts to the letter in the future.
  • We much regret that you had the trouble of writing to us.
  • We are extremely sorry about this delay which you will realize was due to circumstances beyond our control.
  • The delay was due to the fact that…
  • We greatly regret the mistake in the number which resulted in your receiving the wrong articles.
  • We shall be grateful to you if you will advise us further action you would like our company to take in this matter.

Реакция на предложение по урегулированию претензии

  • We have given the highest possible priority to the delivery of the machines which are subject of the contract.
  • We are o course willing to replace any damage due to our negligence.
  • We will do our utmost to correct the situation.
  • We can assure you that the company have fully taken over the handling of these outstanding problems and you can expect very prompt action.
  • In these circumstances which are completely beyond our control we have no option but to claim force majeure on your Contract.

Отклонение претензии

  • We are greatly surprised to receive your letter of…
  • We were glad to receive your letter but it was with great regret that we heard…
  • We regret that in no way can we be held responsible for…
  • We would like to emphasize that it is your responsibility to…
  • If you check, you will find the guarantee states…
  • The company finds that it has no option but to totally reject any claim that the cargo was damaged because of packing.
  • We return your debit note and supporting documents so you can lodge this claim with the shipping company or your insurers.
  • Unfortunately we cannot consider your reports of damage acceptable as they do not give specific details to enable us to consider if there are in fact any faults with our packing procedures.

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