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Краткий справочник по деловой переписке

Типы деловых писем


Поздравление с праздниками и другими радостными событиями приятны всем. Даже если вы ничего запрашиваете и заказываете у своего партнераклиента, поблагодарите его за приятное сотрудничество и выразите надежду на продолжение совместной деятельности.

Примеры писем

Dear Mr. Spoons:
One of the deeply genuine joys of the Yuletide Season is the opportunity it affords of expressing our appreciation to our friends.
It has been a year of pleasant dealings, Mr. Spoons.
May the next 12 months bring you prosperity find a generous portion of true happiness.
Sincerely yours,
John W. Rose

To Our Good Friends
We just couldn't let Thanksgiving Day slip by without telling you how much we appreciate our relationship during the past year.

Grafully and sincerely we say "Thanks .."
— thanks for your attention and consideration to our firm,
— thanks for your good-wilt and patronage.
— thanks for your help in establishing
of our new agency in your country.
In appreciation we can only say that we shall continue, as we have for nearly twenty years past, to cooperate with you.
Once again thank you and our best wishes…
Faithfully yours,

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