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Christmas Poems

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Рождественская поэзия

Celebrate the occasion of Christmas in the best manner possible. The best way to make it memorable is to read the Christmas poems or sing the Christmas carols or doing both of it. Poems have always been the best possible way out to celebrate an occasion and Christmas stands as no exception. The favorite Christmas poems of all times are always a delight to read. They definitely make a mark in your heart stir your emotions in the best manner possible.


Праздновать рождество в лучшей манере. Чтобы сделать праздник незабываемым, можно читать рождественские стихи или петь колядки. Стихи всегда были наилучшим выбором для празднования особых событий и Рождество - не исключение. Любимые рождественские стихи всех времен всегда даруют радость. Они, безусловно, оставят след в вашем сердце, вызовут лучшие эмоции.

The literary pieces that have been composed by eminent poets have always tried to bring out the hidden aspect in you. There are some great pieces that are composed specially for Christmas to make your celebration a lifetime memory. Reading out the best Christmas poem for your beloved is certainly going to instill a feeling of closeness and make your bondage stronger. There are Christmas poems for family, friends, kids, teachers and also your beloved.

Celebrate Christmas with the most versatile holiday poems, Christmas verse and prayers and make it a special celebration. A Christmas poem can also be a great Christmas gift idea for the one who is special in your life.


Выдающиеся поэты всегда старались выявить скрытый аспект в вас. Некоторые авторы создают особые циклы состоящие из произведений о Рождестве., чтобы сделать Ваш праздник памятным. Чтение лучших рождественских стихотворений вашим любимым, прививает чувство близости и делает вашу близость сильнее. Есть рождественские стихи для семьи, друзей, детей, учителей, а также посвященные любимым людям.

Празднуют Рождество с наиболее универсальными стихотворениями и молитвами, что делает его особенным праздником. Рождественское стихотворение может также стать хорошим рождественским подарком для того, кто является особенным в вашей жизни.

Popular Christmas Poems:
Wish we could be together

Thinking of you
Makes the miles disappear,
Together we're looking at bright decorations,
Enjoying what we like to do,
Thinking of you makes the miles disappear~
For you're missed very much
All year through…
So just because you're
Far away, don't think
For a moment that you're forgotten.
I'm thinking about you because loving thoughts travel far,
And wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year
Full of wonderful things.
Wish we could be together

The First Christmas
(by Keith Davies)

This very first Christmas
It's just like before
It's the first in this new Century
and there will be more
The only difference we will see
and at first does not seem true
why the tree getting shorter
and what happened to you?
Each year we get wiser, the older we get
we still think of Santa, and
we are not finished with him yet.
we still get excited,
Like we did Christmas's before
You see there is no difference,
it's just your height in the door.
So we take a moment this time far and near
to wish you a merry Christmas
and a happy new Year
Merry Christmas Year 2000

Candlelit Heart
(by Mary E. Linton)

Somewhere across the winter world tonight
You will be hearing chimes that fill the air;
Christmas extends its all-enfolding light
Across the distance...something we can share.
You will be singing, just the same as I,
These familiar songs we know so well,
And you will see these same stars in your sky
And wish upon that brightest one that fell.
I shall remember you and trim my tree,
One shining star upon the topmost bough;
I will hang wreaths of faith that all may see
Tonight I glimpse beyond the hear and now.
And all the time that we must be apart
I keep a candle in my heart.



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