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Типичные ошибки "наших" студентов


Wrong Correct Translation Notes
I'll come about May 20th I'll come around May 20th Я приеду примерно 20 мая  
Your call in the embassy Your call to the embassy Ваш звонок в посольство  
In this moment At the moment Сейчас, в настоящее время  
Accuse for theft Accuse of theft Обвинять в краже  
Consist from sand Consist of sand Состоять из песка  
Covered by snow Covered with snow Покрытый снегом  
Cure (die) from an illness Cure (die) of an illness Вылечить (умереть) от болезни  
Depend from him Depend on him Зависеть от него  
I spend much time for my work I spend much time on my work Я трачу много времени на работу  
I am going to England for learning English I am going to England to learn English Я еду в Англию изучать английский  
They played football under the rain They played football in the rain Они играли в футбол под дождем  
I bought a book at 5 dollars I bought a book for 5 dollars Я купил книгу за 5 долларов "For" is used with an actual sum
I cannot buy it for such a price I cannot buy it at such a price Я не могу купить это за такую цену "At" is used if no sum is given
I have other cars except this I have other cars besides this Кроме этой, у меня есть и другие машины  
He has been ill from last Friday He has been ill since last Friday Он болен с прошлой пятницы  
I will start doing it after a week I will start doing it in a week Я займусь этим через неделю