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Getting a Visa and Going Abroad
Получение визы и поездка за границу

Business Visa

SECRETARY: Consular Department.
MR. HORN: Good morning. This is Horn speaking.
SECRETARY: Good morning, Mr. Horn. Could I help you?
MR. HORN: Five days ago I sent you my passport to obtain a visa for a business trip to Russia.
SECRETARY: Wait a minute, Mr. Horn. I'll make some inquiries. (After two minutes' interval.) Yes, Mr. Horn, we have your completed application form and your passport. But you did not send us three passport-size photographs.
MR. HORN: I'm afraid I didn't. The thing is, I don't have them.
SECRETARY: Then go to the local photographer and have the pictures taken.
MR. HORN: Thank you. If I send the photographs tomorrow, when can I have my passport back?
SECRETARY: We need at least ten clear days to issue a visa. In your case we'll do it in three days.
MR. HORN: You are very kind, thank you. Goodbye.
SECRETARY: Goodbye, Mr. Horn. to obtain visa

to obtain visa - получать визу
a completed application form - анкета, заполненная подателем
local photographer - местный фотограф
clear days - рабочие дни, непраздничные дни
to apply for a visa personally - лично обращаться за визой

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