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Getting a Visa and Going Abroad
Получение визы и поездка за границу

An Applicant's Passport is Not Available

MR. STOCK: Hello, is this the Russian Consular Department, please?
SECRETARY: Yes, it is.
MR. STOCK: This is Stock speaking. I would like to make some inquiries about the visa to your country.
SECRETARY: Have you sent the documents to the Consular Department, Mr. Stock?
MR. STOCK: Not yet. The matter is I don't have the passport at present. It is with the Foreign Office.
SECRETARY: Then I connect you with our Vice-Consul, Mr. Stock.
(after a minute) Speaking. Mr. Stock explains his situation.
VICE-CONSUL: As a rule, Mr. Stock, the Consulate does not issue visas without the applicant's passport.
MR. STOCK: This is an urgent business trip to Vladivostok, Mr. Vice-Consul, and the passport will be available from the Foreign Office within three days, I am sure.
VICE-CONSUL: In exceptional cases like yours we can issue a visa providing you send us all the necessary documents now, and the passport will be presented later.
MR. STOCK: Thank you very much, sir. What documents do I have to supply now, except the passport?
VICE-CONSUL: A completed application form, three recent passport-size photographs, and a letter from your firm confirming your business trip to Russia.
MR. STOCK: I'll deliver the documents to your Office tomorrow afternoon.
VICE-CONSUL: And the passport, of course, as soon as you get it from the Foreign Office.
MR. STOCK: Sure thing, Mr. Vice-Consul. Thank you very much.
MR. STOCK: Goodbye.

to explain a situation - объяснять ситуацию
providing - при условии, если
an urgent trip - безотлагательная поездка
to supply documents - представлять документы
in exceptional cases - в исключительных случаях
to deliver documents - доставлять документы; официально вручать документы
confirm - подтверждать

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