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Getting a Visa and Going Abroad
Получение визы и поездка за границу

Immigration Formalities

MR. NIKOLAEV: Could I speak to Mr. Young, please?
SECRETARY: Who is speaking, please?
MR. NIKOLAEV: This is Nikolaev of the Moscow International School of Business.
SECRETARY: Hold on for a minute, please. I'll get you through
MR. YOUNG: Young speaking.
MR. NIKOLAEV: Good morning, Bill. That's me, Fred.
MR. YOUNG: Hello, Freddy. I'm glad to hear you.
MR. NIKOLAEV: Bill, I'm going to America in a couple of weeks and I'm a bit worried about the immigration formalities and what they ask you at the airport.
MR. YOUNG: Have you got your visa fixed up?
MR. NIKOLAEV: Yes, that came from the Embassy last week.
MR. YOUNG: Oh, you'll be all right then. Just be prepared to answer some questions they may ask you.
MR. NIKOLAEV: What sort of questions? What did they ask you?
MR. YOUNG: Well, the main thing they wanted to know how long I was going to stay in the United States, and of course whether I was there on business or as a tourist.
MR. NIKOLAEV: I'll be on business there. What else did they want to know?
MR. YOUNG: They asked me if I already had an address in the United States and where I came from. And they asked me how much money I had in cash.
MR. NIKOLAEV: That's OK then. I shouldn't have any problems there. Thank you for your help. Goodbye.
MR. YOUNG: That's all right. Have a good trip. And don't worry, they'll let you in. Goodbye.

immigration formalities - иммиграционные формальности
money in cash - наличные деньги
to be a bit worried - быть несколько обеспокоенным
to let smb in - впускать кого-то

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