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Getting a Visa and Going Abroad
Получение визы и поездка за границу

Coming Home After Vacation

MARTIN: Hello, Emma.
EMMA: Hello, Martin.
MARTIN: Well, Emma, I didn't see you at all during July. I phoned you more than once. Where were you?
EMMA: In July? I was in Italy. I went to Rome in July.
MARTIN: Oh, Rome. Did you go by ship?
EMMA: Yes, I did. I went by ship, but I came home by plane.
MARTIN: When did you come back, Emma?
EMMA: Yesterday morning.
MARTIN: Did you stay in a good hotel?
EMMA: Yes, I did, and the food was very good, too.
MARTIN: Were there any Americans in your hotel?
EMMA: There were very few Americans, but there were a lot of Germans. There were some people from Russia and Eastern Europe in our hotel.
MARTIN: I'm going to lunch now, Emma. Come and join me and we'll talk about Rome.
EMMA: I'm sorry, Martin, but I've had my lunch already. See you next time. Bye, Martin.
MARTIN: Bye, Emma.

Rome - Рим
to go by plane - лететь на самолете
to go by ship - плыть на пароходе

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