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Additional Telephone Conversations
Дополнительные телефонные разговоры

Business and Commerce

OPERATOR: Good morning. Hawles Engineering. Can I help you?
MR. WESTON: I'd like to speak to Mr. James Marsh, please, I think it's extension forty-seven.
OPERATOR: Who's calling, please?
MR. WESTON: My name is Weston. I'm from Plant Installations Limited.
OPERATOR: Will you hold the line for a moment, Mr. Weston? I'll see if Mr. Marsh is free.
MR. WESTON: Yes, thank you.
MR. MARSH: Hello. Marsh speaking.
OPERATOR: Oh, hello, Mr. Marsh. I've got a Mr. Weston (1) from Plant Installations on the line.(2) Can you speak to him now?
MR. MARSH: Oh yes. Thank you. Put him through, please.
OPERATOR: You are through now, Mr.Weston.
MR. MARSH: Hello, Mr. Weston. What can I do for you?
MR. WESTON: Good morning, Mr. Marsh. You'll remember that our surveyor (3) took another look at the floor of your main polishing shop last week.
MR. WESTON: Well, I've just got his report, and I thought I'd let you know the result.
MR. MARSH: Splendid. That was quick work.
MR. WESTON: Yes, it was quite quick, wasn't it? And you'll be pleased to know that he's been able to confirm what he said in his original report.
MR. MARSH: Has he? Oh, good.
MR. WESTON: Yes, he says that the subsidence (4) hasn't gone any further since he first inspected the floor, and that there's no need to increase the strengthening measure he recommended.
MR. MARSH: Well, I'm very pleased to hear that, Mr. Weston. You've taken a load off my mind. (5)
MR. WESTON: Yes, I'm glad it won't be necessary to hold things up (6) on account of the floor. I'll confirm all this in writing, of course, but I thought that I'd let you know as soon as possible in the hope that we could agree on a definite starting date.
MR. MARSH: Yes, of course.
MR. WESTON: If we can fix that, then I can go ahead with arrangements here.
MR. MARSH: Well, it'll take us about two days to finish off the outstanding work in the plating and polishing shops, (7) and then you can have a free hand (8) to begin your operations. How does that suit you?
MR. WESTON: Two days. That brings us to Thursday morning, doesn't it?
MR. MARSH: Thursday, yes.
MR. WESTON: And I did understand you to say we could continue working at weekends.
MR. MARSH: Yes, that's right.
MR. WESTON: Well, in that case Thursday morning will suit us very well. I'll put it in hand9 straight away. (9)
MR. MARSH: Good.
MR. WESTON: Now there is one other matter that I'd like to discuss briefly with you if you can spare the time. I'm not keeping you from anything, am I?
MR. MARSH: No, I do have (10) a meeting in about half an hour, but I'm at your disposal (11) until then, so please carry on, (12) Mr. Weston.
MR. WESTON: Well, this is a point which concerns the outlet duct (13) for the main ventilator.
MR. MARSH: Ah, yes. You asked to be sent the final plans, didn't you? Did you get those?
MR. WESTON: Yes, thanks. Your secretary sent them on to me. Now I see from the plans that you intend the duct to be placed alongside an existing chimney. Do you recall that?
MR. MARSH: Mm. That's right.
MR. WESTON: Well, what I'd like to know is whether the chimney's strong enough to support the duct, or whether we shall have to construct independent supports. Now unfortunately, at the time of our survey, we didn't think to inspect the chimney.
MR. MARSH: No, of course, because at that stage we still hadn't decided exactly where the duct was to go.
MR. WESTON: Quite. So can you give me any idea of the strength of the chimney? You see, if we can use it as a support and bolt the duct brackets directly to it, this'll mean a simpler job and it should also save a certain amount of time.
MR. MARSH: And it'll be cheaper, too.
MR. WESTON: Yes, quite a bit cheaper, in fact.
MR. MARSH: Mm. Well, all I can tell you at the moment is that the chimney was only built a couple of years ago, and is in good structural condition. What I can't tell you, with any degree of certainty, is whether it'll stand up to the kind of stress you're proposing to put on it. As far as I can remember it's a pretty strong job, so it should be all right.
MR. WESTON: Yes. Well, it looks quite strong on our plans, but I can't really tell, because they're not sufficiently detailed.
MR. MARSH: No. Well, look, Mr. Weston, I think we'd better not take any risks over this. I'll call in a building expert and get him to examine the chimney, and perhaps you'll be good enough to send me brief details of the loadings (14) involved and the kind of brackets you're thinking of using and so on. And I'll put them in front of him and see what he thinks.
MR. WESTON: Yes, I can get that in the post this evening.
MR. MARSH: You can? Fine.
MR. WESTON: Well, that answers my question, Mr. Marsh. Thank you very much.
MR. MARSH: Not at all. And thank you for letting me know about the report so quickly. I'll get things moving (15) here, and we'll expect your men to start work on Thursday morning.
MR. WESTON: Yes, they'll be there. Goodbye, Mr. Marsh, I'll be in touch again when the work's started.
MR. MARSH: Bye, Mr. Weston.

  1. a Mr. Weston - the fact that the operator uses the indefinite article with the name indicates that she does not know the caller.
  2. on the line - a standard phrase used by operators to refer to an incoming call.
  3. surveyor - инспектор, приемщик
  4. subsidence -осадка
  5. You've taken a load off my mind - this phrase is colloquial, and is used by someone who has had a cause for worry or anxiety removed.
  6. to hold things up = to delay proceedings (задержать работу)
  7. the plating and polishing shops - плакировочный и полировочный цехи
  8. then you can have a free hand - the sense is that there will be complete freedom from any hindrance: the "hands" of the workmen will be "free".
  9. put it in hand - give instructions to have the job started, e.g. "I've got the job in hand", which means that the job is either being done, or is about to be started.
  10. I do have - note the use of do here, making the verb emphatic. The effect of the emphasis is softened, however, by the following clause beginning with but.
  11. at your disposal - prepared to carry on the conversation (в вашем распоряжении). A bit of business phraseology.
  12. carry on - continue. Contrast the colloquial use to mean "talk too much", "make lengthy and tedious assertions", as in "John is a nice chap, but he does carry on about his health".
  13. outlet duct - выходная трyбa
  14. loadings - нагрузка
  15. get things moving - an informal way of saying "order work to start"

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