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Дополнительные телефонные разговоры

Declining an Invitation to a Film Show

LEIGH: Look, are you free this coming Saturday? I'm a member of the Seven Arts Club and we have a film show every Sunday evening. It'd be interesting this week -
DEBORAH: Sorry. I'm already booked up.
LEIGH: Oh. Pity.
DEBORAH: Yes. Thanks all the same.
LEIGH: That's a pity because it's a Picasso film - it's an old one, made ten years or more ago, but I've never seen it. People who've seen it rave about it.
DEBORAH: Oh... Yes, I have heard of it.
LEIGH: We wouldn't need to get there till nine. What hopes?
DEBORAH: No hopes... Sorry again. I must ring off now, as I left a kettle on.
LEIGH: OK... Deborah?
LEIGH: When is your next free Sunday?
DEBORAH: Well... I'm not absolutely sure. Perhaps next month.
LEIGH: As long as that? Anyway, I'll ring again.
DEBORAH: Yes, all right. Goodbye.

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