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Дополнительные телефонные разговоры

The New House Rule

JACK: (from the reception desk) Captain Abbot?
JACK: We believe there is a young lady in your room.
WILLIE: I believe there is. What of it?
JACK: You have a single room for the occupancy of one individual.
WILLIE: All right. Give me a double room. What's the number?
JACK: I'm sorry, every room is occupied. We're booked until November.
WILLIE: Let's you and I pretend this is a double room? Jack. Put it on my bill.
JACK: I'm afraid I can't do that. Room 111 is definitely a single room for a single occupancy. I'm afraid the young lady will have to leave.
WILLIE: The young lady isn't living here, Jack. She isn't occupying anything. She's visiting me. Anyway, she's my wife.
JACK: Do you have a marriage certificate, Captain?
(After a pause.)

WILLIE: She left it home. We'll show it to you tomorrow. I'll have it sent down by special delivery.
JACK: Captain, young ladies are against the rules of the establishment.
WILLIE: Since when?
JACK: We are under new management now. We are creating a different image of a well-known respectable hotel. If the lady is not out of there in five minutes, Captain, I'm coming up.
WILLIE: All right, Jack.

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