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Additional Telephone Conversations
Дополнительные телефонные разговоры

Refusing to Meet the Press

There was a heavy silence in the elegant, spacious room. It was broken abruptly by the jangle of the telephone. They faced each other, neither attempting to answer. The muscles of the Duke's face jerked spasmodically. The bell sounded again, then stopped. Through intervening doors they heard the voice of the secretary indistinctly, answering on an extension. A moment later the secretary knocked and came in diffidently. He glanced towards the Duke. "Your Grace, it's one of the local newspapers. They say that they have had" - he hesitated at an unfamiliar term - "a flash bulletin which appears to concern you."

With an effort the Duchess recovered her pose. "1 will take the call. Hang up the extension." She picked up the telephone near her. Only a close observer would have noticed that her hands were trembling.

DUCHESS: The Duchess of Croydon speaking.
CORRESPONDENT: Ma'am, we've a flash from Associated Press and there's just been a follow-up... Pardon me. (There was a rustle of paper, then the voice resuming.) Sorry, ma'am. I'll read this to you. "London (AP) - Parliamentary sources here today name the Duke of Croydon, noted British government trouble shooter, (1) as Britain's next ambassador to Washington. Initial reaction is favourable. An official announcement is expected soon." There's more, ma'am. I won't bother you with it. Why we called was to see if your husband has a statement, then with your permission we'd like to send a photographer to the hotel. Ma'am, are you still there?
DUCHESS: Yes. At the moment my husband has no statement, nor will he have unless and until the appointment is officially confirmed. The same applies to photography.
CORRESPONDENT: (the voice sounded disappointed) We'll run what we have, (2) of course, in the next edition.
DUCHESS: That is your privilege.
CORRESPONDENT: Meanwhile, if there's an official announcement we'd like to be in touch.
DUCHESS: Should that occur, I'm sure my husband will be glad to meet the press.
CORRESPONDENT: Then we may telephone again?
DUCHESS: Please do.

  1. trouble shooter - специальный уполномоченный по улаживанию конфликтов
  2. We'll run what we have - Мы опубликуем то, что у нас есть

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