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Телефонный разговорник

Additional Telephone Conversations
Дополнительные телефонные разговоры

Giving Advice

After lunch, as Poirot was settling himself in his square-backed armchair with his coffee at his elbow, the telephone rang.

MRS. OLIVER: Monsieur Poirot?
MR. POIROT: C'est moi. (1)
MRS. OLIVER: Well, what are you doing? What have you done?
MR. POIROT: I am sitting in this chair. Thinking.
MRS. OLIVER: Is that all?
MR. POIROT: It is the important thing. Whether I shall have success in it or not I do not know.
MRS. OLIVER: But you must find that girl. She's probably been kidnapped.
MR. POIROT: It would certainly seem so. And I have a letter here which came by the midday post from her father, urging me to come and see him and tell him what progress I have made.
MRS. OLIVER: Well, what progress have you made?
MR. POIROT: At the moment none.
MRS. OLIVER: Really, Monsieur Poirot, you really must take a grip on yourself.(2)
MR. POIROT: You, too!
MRS. OLIVER: What do you mean, me, too?
MR. POIROT: Urging me on.
MRS. OLIVER: Why don't you go down to that place in Chelsea where I was hit on the head?
MR. POIROT: And get myself hit on the head also?
MRS. OLIVER: I simply don't understand you. I gave you a clue by finding the girl in the cafe. You said so.
MR. POIROT: I know, I know.
MRS. OLIVER: And then you go and lose her!
MR. POIROT: I know, I know.
MRS. OLIVER: What about that woman who threw herself out of a window? Haven't you got anything out of that?
MR. POIROT: I have made inquiries, yes.
MR. POIROT: Nothing. The woman is one of many. They are attractive when young, they have af fairs, they are passionate, they have still more affairs, they get less attractive, they are unhappy and drink too much, they think they have cancer or some fatal disease and so at last in despair and loneliness they throw themselves out of a window!
MRS. OLIVER: You said her death was important - that it meant something.
MR. POIROT: It ought to have done.
MRS. OLIVER: Really!
At a loss for further comment, Mrs. Oliver rang off.

  1. C'est moi. (Fr.) - Это я.
  2. You really must take a grip on yourself. - Вы действительно должны взять себя в руки.

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